how to add music in kinemaster

How to Add Music in Kinemaster

How to Add Music in Kinemaster | How to use Music

We will tell you how to add Music in Kinemaster in any video you want to use in Kinemaster.

What importance of Music in a video in Kinemaster

Add a piece of Music or voice-over to any video in Kinemaster to make a better video to understand a user. Any video with Music is good-looking and friendly for the user.

The effect of the video is easily understood. The purpose of the video is to make it easy to understand how to Add Music in KineMaster.Music in the video can make it viewer-friendly at all times. It is an important part of the video for users/viewers and makes a video exactly so special. Without this, the real purpose of the video is not served. That’s why it is necessary to put any sound in the video so that the user can understand all the things and the purpose which is told in this video.

Here, Step by Step Guide to Adding Music to Kinemaster

Step 1. Open Kinemaster And Video Loading

When you open the Kinemaster and load the Video file you need, you will easily know how to add Music to Kinemaster.

Open Kinemaster And Video Loading

Step 2. Audio Button

After loading a video, you will see an Audio option on the right side of your phone screen. Click on the Audio button, then you will see a window.

Audio Browser

Step 3. Audio Browser

Kinemaster gives you many Audio Features to add Music in the Audio browser in Kinemaster, and here you can add Music on your phone screen. These are written below:

Music, SFX, Recording, Songs, Albums, Artists, Genres, Folders. You can add a Music file where you want.

Add The Audio

Step 4. Add The Audio

When you click the Music button, you will see the Add/+ button then you should click the Add/+ button. After clicking this, your Music file appears on the Main menu. Click the Add/+ button to select a music file to add to the video. Edit the Audio file that you selected in the video. Then you can see filters, compressions, etc. Loop music files or settings to play in the background so you can also use them.

Step 5. Project Completed

When you add Music and edit your video, click the arrow-up button on the top right of the screen. After that, you will easily save/Export your video in your phone’s gallery. After this process, you will be easy that how to add Music in Kinemaster.

Project Completed

Import Audio in Video 

One of the best features of Kinemaster is its ability to import Audio to your videos. This gives you a good idea of importing audio/how to add Music in Kinemaster.

  • You can import the music file by tapping the Audio option from the right media panel. You would like to Import.
  • Then select whichever Music. Tap on the music file, then tap on the plus (+) icon to add the Music. Once done. Tap the top right check mark (✓) to save your changes.

In your Audio file, You can now add multiple adjustments or changes. You can add Audio filters and adjust the compression of the Audio to meet your requirements. You can assign the audio track to be the background music or loop the Audio file if it’s shorter than the original video.

So these are the three simple steps to add or import Music to KineMaster. Alternatively, you can use your Voice directly through KineMaster and record. Let’s get to know how.

Import audio

Extract Audio in Video

You should follow simple steps to extract Audio from video in Kinemaster App:

  • Select a video in Kinemaster and click on the video. You will see the menu’s list.
  • Then, scroll down to the bottom from the right side and Select any video file in the Kinemaster timeline.
  • Option under the Vignette Tab, you can click the Extract Audio.
Click to Extract Audio

Record Audio/Voice

Voice Over is an essential element of any video and can be used to create a powerful impact. With the help of Kinemaster, it is now easier than ever to record Voice in a video. It allows you to add multiple layers of Audio, edit them, and even add effects. You can also use it to record your voice-over for videos and make them sound even more professional. The KineMaster application incorporates the possibility of recording voice-over directly from the app, one of the significant innovations. You can also insert the voice-over. After you have added the videos, we will press the button “VOICE” In the circular menu on the right (microphone icon).

You should follow these steps to Voice Over in your Video:

  • When you select Video in Kinemaster, you can see the “REC” button on your phone screen. Click the “REC” button to Voice-over/Recording on your Video.
Record Audio/voice
  • After you press the “REC” button, it would be best to press the Start button to start recording a voice-over. Otherwise, the recording will not start.
Start Recording
  • The parts of the video to which the voice-over will be added will be highlighted in red. Click on Stop to stop recording. After that, the red part will appear with a purple line underneath.
how to stop recording

Where can I get and find free music files?

1. youtube Audio library:

You can also get Music for your video from the YouTube Audio library. In any legal video and how to Add Music in KineMaster, you can take the Music of your choice from the YouTube Audio Library and apply it for free.

There are some rules of the youtube audio library which you should follow them.

  • You can’t resell this video; for example, you cannot sell download audio of the entire content.
  • You cannot illegally use any music with illegal content in the YouTube Audio library.

2. SoundCloud:

You can also find great music files on SoundCloud uploaded by many creators.

How to add YouTube music on Kinemaster

You should follow some steps on how to Add Music in KineMaster from Youtube:

Step 1: Select the Music on YouTube

We first need to Download the music file from Youtube Audio Library.

Soundcloud and YouTube are free alternatives on the Internet.

We recommend you use Youtube Creator Studio. You should avoid copyright issues. For any Music file you want to put for your video, you can select many music files in Youtube Audio Library.

Select the Music on Youtube

Step 2: Create the video in Kinemaster

The music file is already downloaded on the mobile. Now we proceed to make the video.

You can open a project you have already started editing or start everything from scratch.

Kinemaster offers you to edit your videos using different tools. You can add images, special effects, text, and much more.

Step 3: Click the “Audio” Button

After opening the Kinemaster application and loading the corresponding video file, press the “Audio” in the media panel on the right.

Step 4: Click on the + icon

Now you must click the Add (+) button to select the music track you want to add to your video.

Step 5: Edit the Audio

You can edit it to your liking once you have added the music track to the timeline. Cut only a fragment of the Music so you can lower the volume.

To adjust the music track’s volume, click on the cornet’s icon, and voila.

Step 6: Save the Video

After adjusting the music track to your liking, you can export and store the video on your device. The application to finish saving it in your gallery, you have to press the “export” button and wait. After that, you can share it through different platforms and social networks.

How to cut/trim a song in KineMaster with easy steps

You can easily trim/cut an Audio file in Kinemaster. With use, these options are to follow them.

  1. First of all, open the Kinemaster on your phone.
  2. You will see on the screen create a new project with an aspect ratio.
  3.  Select a video or photo before adding an Audio file for background music. After selecting the file, it will appear in the timeline.
  4.  After we get the picture, add the Music that will play in the background of the video.
  5. After adding Music click on the yellow box on the screen, and a menu with many options will automatically appear. Then you should scroll down, and you will see a (Scissor icon) which isTrim/Split option.
How to cut/trim a song in Kinemaster

Click the Trim/Split option, let’s cut the Music, and we will click on the crop button. By clicking the crop button, you will see 4 options on the screen:

  • Trim left of playhead
  • Trim to the right of the playhead
  • Split at the playhead
  • Split and Insert Freeze Frame

Select the option you want to cut, and the application will complete the cutting process automatically. Now select the music volume and then export this file.

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After that, you can easily Add Music in KineMaster. It will make it easy for you that how to add Music in Kinemaster using step by step. Thanks for reading this article.

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