how to add transition in Kinemaster

How to add Transition in Kinemaster

How to add Transition in Kinemaster | Video Transition

Adding many types of designs and styles to the 2 parts of the video is named transition effects in the footage in Kinemaster. Transition effects help us add more to your video to make the joint between the two clips look smoother, and it appears to be a single clip. You can do anything from a simple cut to making it more professional. We have described step by step how to add Transition in Kinemaster. A video refers to the joint between two separate clips in transition. A change can be of numerous styles and designs, from basic swipes to professional cinematic cuts.

You should know how to add transition in Kinemaster. Transitions that you can add to some great-looking videos. We get a reasonable number of free good looking transitions, including 3D transitions. The Presentation also gets Transitions, Sentimental, Travel transitions, etc. One attractive feature of KineMaster is that you also get the option to add Text transitions. Text transition is those Animations usually used to describe a story or highlight the key people included in making a particular movie or video.

 Text transitions

How to add Transition in Kinemaster | Step by Step

Step 1: Open Kinemaster and Create Project

First, you should open Kinemaster and click the Create New Project button with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or as you want to add to your video. You will need video clips to get started. You can also use images as short video clips. You will need at least 2 clips or 2 parts of a video to add Transition Effects on your phone.

How to add Transition in Kinemaster

Step 2: Open The Transition Menu

Two clips in the bottom timeline, which sit between. Tap on the transition button(The interfacing changes). All available designs that you will now get to see. You may choose any layout you would like to add. I recommend you try out the 3D transitions since they look cool. Once you’ve decided which transition to go with, tap on the top right check mark (✓) to insert the transition.

Open The Transition Menu

Step 3: Project Completed

This tutorial was easy to learn, and how to add transition in Kinemaster is easy. You can also use this feature on your android/smartphone after you’ve added the transition. You can preview it by tapping on the play button and see if looks good.

complete  project

Transition Effects of Kinemaster

You will get that chance here for those wanting to apply some cool transitional effects through Kinemaster. Looking over them will give you an idea of how it looks. And once you download and start the application, it becomes easy for you to use the software to put transitions in Kinemaster quickly.
So, let’s examine some of the most commonly used Kinemaster transition effects on people worldwide. Here you go:

3D Transition

Checker flip, cracked glass, strips, flipping, bouncing, and other options for 3D transition effects give you a professional look. So, applying this effect will provide you with the three-dimensional vision of the video part marked below.

3D Transition

Picture In Picture

Different options include split-screen, video tiles, color tiles, corners, or other video transition effects. It is linked to another image or part of a video, getting one picture. To try with a difference, it is also a different type of transition.

Picture in Picture

Powerful Transition Effect

If you wish to have a powerful on-stage background view, go with this effect. The background stage will give the video a different perspective if any video gets uploaded.

Powerful Transition Effect


The presentation transition has multiple options: zoom out, clock wipe, cover, block in, slide, split, wiping, uncover, etc. This transition effect will assist you in presenting your video with different ideas, as the name suggests.

Presentation effects in kinemaster

Top 10 Transition Features in Kinemaster

Chromatic zoom effectSpin Blur
Shake itSpeedturn
Fade ThroughAcceleration
Ripple WrapLine Wiper

We are listing 48 significant effects here to make a good-looking Video

Anaglyph SlidePoster Perfect
Auto HDRRetrospection
Bulge / PinchRipple
Chromatic Zoom EffectRipple Wrap
CartoonRolling ball
Digital crashRayburst
Fade ThroughRadial Blur
Focus blur 2.0Shake it
InterferenceSpin Blur
LightbathSplit spectrum
Line WiperSketch 2.0
MirrorSquare halftone
Mirror warpSwirl 2.0
Neon outlineThermogram
Wave warpAnimation
Audio FiltersEnvelope
Frame by Frame TrimmingMultiple Layers
MusicMusic Stickers
Real Time Recording Social Media Sharing
Speed ​​ControlStickers

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After that, you can easily add a transition in KineMaster. It will be easy for you to add a transition in Kinemaster. Thanks for reading this article.

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