How to add Youtube Music to Kinemaster

How to add Youtube Music to Kinemaster | Step by Step

You should follow these steps on how to add youtube music to Kinemaster:

Step 1: Download Youtube Music

  • First, open Youtube Creator Studio; you will see the Continue To Studio button on your phone screen, then click this button. 
  • You will see many options on the left sidebar of the screen here, and you will see the Audio Library button.
  •  You should click this button on Youtube Audio Library, which is opened, then you can download the music files from Youtube Audio Library.
How to add Youtube Music to Kinemaster

Soundcloud and YouTube are free music alternatives on the Internet. We recommend you use Youtube Creator Studio. You should avoid copyright issues. For any Music file you want to put for your video, you can select many music files in Youtube Audio Library.

Download Music from Youtube Audio Library.

Step 2: Create the video in Kinemaster

The music file is already downloaded on the mobile. Now you proceed to make the video. You can open a project you have already started editing or start everything from scratch. Kinemaster offers you to edit your videos using different tools. You can add images, special effects, text, and much more.

Create the video in Kinemaster

Step 3: Click the “Audio” button

After opening the Kinemaster application and loading the corresponding video file, press the “Audio” in the media panel on the right.

Click the “Audio” button

Step 4: Click on the + icon

Now you must click the Add (+) button to select the music track you want to add to your Video.

Click on the + icon

Step 5: Edit the Audio

You can edit it to your liking once you have added the music track to the timeline. Cut only a fragment of the Music so you can lower the volume. To adjust the music track’s volume, click on the cornet’s icon, and voila.

 Edit the Audio

Step 6: Save the Project

After adjusting the music track to your liking, you can export and store the video on your device. The application to finish saving it in your gallery, You have to press the “export” button and wait. After that, you can share it through different platforms and social networks, so here you will find how to add Youtube Music to Kinemaseter.

Save the Project

Can we use Kinemaster Music on YouTube?

Yes, but partially, if you use the most common assets, i.e., animal sounds, human laugh, cry, etc. Then there will be no obstacle. But if you use any unique or uncommon music asset, it may lead to a violation of copyright, So be careful while choosing a music asset.

If you have subscribed to Kinemaster premium, you can use any assets within kinemaster for your youtube videos. You can use the YouTube Audio Library. Choose option attribution is not required, so many songs are available. Kinemaster music assets may be copyrighted content.

Get Music from kinemaster

Can I add Youtube Music to Kinemaster?

Yes, you can source free music from YouTube’s Creator Studio. It offers many options for copyright-free music. You can easily add a lot of music to the Youtube Audio Library.

Adding Youtube Music to Kinemaster

Can Kinemaster be used for YouTube?

Yes, it’s really for good YouTube. Many YouTubers use its PRO version to avoid the Kinmaster watermark. It is a good application, especially for newbies, and it is easy to use and helps you in Your YouTube Journey. You can also use kinemaster and any video editor to edit videos for youtube.

KineMaster be used for YouTube

Can we add Music to a KineMaster Video using Spotify Audio

Spotify, unfortunately, cannot add audio to a video editor like Kinemaster for additional editing.
It is because all Spotify tracks are licensed for use within the software only.

Underlying: More Explanations for Video

After that, you can quickly learn how to add Youtube Music to Kinemaster. It will be easy for you to add music from Youtube on Kinemaster. Thanks for reading this article.

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