How to save a video in Kinemaster

How to Save a Video in Kinemaster

How to Save a Video in Kinemaster

We will tell you to want to know how to save a video in Kinemaster. You should follow to read these steps. So let’s see how to save a video on Kinemaster. After editing your video with Kinemaster, follow these instructions. It is a good practice.

We describe how to save a video in Kinemaster Step by Step:

Step 1. Open Kinemaster And Project Creating

First, you should download the Kinemaster and launch it. When you open Kinemaster, you’ll see a landing page with options for starting a new project or editing an existing one, click the create new project button on the screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or as you want.

Creating a project

Step 2. Media Browser

After choosing aspect ratio you will see Media Browser on you phone screen. You should to select a Video that you want to edit. If you want add more video then tap on Media. The folder contains video and image files, here you can select any Video/Image on your phone as you want.

Media Browser

Step 3. Select The Video/Image

You have to select the Video/Image that you want to edit. Here, you can see the video that you selected in Kinemaster. You can edit your video to add effects and video cropping, texting, layer features, handwriting, stickers, audio/recording add, photos on video etc. You can set the Duration according to your video length. All projects will prepare here. 

Step 4. Save Options

When you will complete edit your Video, then you can Save a Video easily. Now, hit the checkmark at the top right to save the video clip and watch progress as you edit to save if satisfied with these results. We believe that after following these steps, you will have a better understanding of how to use Kinemaster to do this. Repeat this process to add more video clips if desired.

How to save a video on KineMaster

Step 5. Save And Share

When you click to Export button, then you will see 3 options which you can use them and save video. These options are, bitrate, framerate, resolution. Click to Save as Video Button, after that you will be Save your Video. Once we click Save as Video, it’s just going to save the video for us and then it’s going to be over.

Here on the right side now, this video has saved your phone, but it’s also. Available right here, where you can simply click the share button and send. It can be to any Social Networks that you want, for example sharing it on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or any place.

What should be the Resolution parameters in Kinemaster

Screen resolution selection for this, you can select according to your Video. Specify a format that matches the resolution of your video. You should choose the resolution of HD quality for good video.

You can customise size and resolution in Kinemaster. By using different sizes and resolutions, your video becomes a quality video. For your information, resolution parameters are in chart below:

Aspect Ratio
Pixel Size
SD (Standard Definition)
640 x 480
HD (High Definition)
1280 x 720
Full HD (FHD)
1920 x 1080

What is Exporting a Video in Kinemaster

The modified single video file can be easily viewed on all devices as long as it is converted or how to save a video in Kinemaster For example, phones have a variety of video players to play a perfect project. Exporting a video means saving it to the video gallery or giving it a perfect file name.You will know a lot about exporting the video.

What are Bitrate, FPS and Resolution

We will learn the other reporting functions available in Kinemaster, such as Resolution, Bitrate and FPS. Now we will mention them in detail that how to save a video on KineMaster so that you understand their meaning and purpose. Bitrate, FPS and Resolution are mentioned in Kinemaster separately and in details.

(1.) Bitrate

When a video/audio project is saved in Kinemaster, the data is transferred at a bitrate rate. Bps stands for (bit per second) in distribution, while Mbps stands for (Megabits per second). Kinemaster uses Mbps. Therefore, you should have a good understanding of the data is given below.

If you still don’t understand the topic, we have developed a table graph to help you understand everything.

Bitrate QualityResolution/PixelsPRO/Free Version
 5 – 8 Mbps HD720pFree Version
 8 – 12 MbpsFull HD 1080pPRO Version
35 Mbps +4k or UHD 2160p PRO Version

720p (HD) is available in the Kinemaster free version, while 1080p (Full HD) and 2160p (4k or UHD) are available in Kinemaster PRO Version. The ratio table you need to remember when thinking about your video resolution is the method YouTubers use when creating their videos.

(2.) FPS

FPS refers to a video game’s first-person shooter, while in the video, it is frames per second, the meaning of 2 same words differently.


The regular video fps rate is 30fps, which is available in the kinemaster free version.


When making a smoother video in kinemaster, the fps rate is 60fps which is good for video. This feature is available in the kinemaster PRO version. One problem is that it takes a long time to export the video.

(3.) Resolution

This video resolution is standard, so improving the video is important. The more pixels there are in the video, the better video will be more effective in kinemaster. Video resolution in Kinmaster is measured in pixels. Export options in KineMaster Pro Video Editor and Kinemaster free version are in the available chart below.

Name ResolutionPRO/Free Version
SD (Medium)360pFree Version
SD (Standard Definition) 480pFree Version
SD (High-one-half of 1080p) 540pFree Version
HD (High Definition)720p Free Version
Full HD (FHD)1080p PRO Version
4K/Ultra HD Resolution 2160p PRO Version

The Kinemaster PRO version has all the facilities to create an adorable video.

Save Video from Kinemaster to Gallery

You will be able how to save a video in kinemaster to your phone gallery. You should follow these steps to save a video in your phone gallery.

  • Create a new project and select the aspect ratio of 16:9 or as you want.
  • Select the video and edit it.
  • You can see on the top right of the screen arrow-up icon, click the Save icon.
  • Select resolution, then click the Save as Video button.
Select Resolution and Save as Video

So after this process, you will see the video you saved, which will show in your gallery automatically.

Kinemaster Gallery

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You can easily learn how to save a video in Kinemaster. It will be easy for you how to save a video in Kinemaster Step by Step. Thanks for Reading this article.

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