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Enjoy unlimited free music and podcasts with Spotify Premium Mod APK – No Ads, unlimited song skips, and free downloads. ApkBeats is the best site to download the latest versions of all famous apps to play for an immersive exciting experience.
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Mod Info:

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Unlocked Next/Previous Track
  • Unlocked Seeking Forward and Backward Button
  • Unlocked/Able to Select Any Songs & Albums
  • Unlocked Repeat Once/All
  • Unlocked Shuffle
  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Unlocked 320kbps
  • Unlocked Editorial Mode
  • Unlocked Storylines
  • Unlocked Download
  • Unlocked Ads-Free
  • Unlocked On-Demand Sharing;
  • Unlocked Canvas Sharing;
  • Unlocked Voice Feature;
  • Unlocked Volume Control;
  • Unlocked Animated Heart;
  • Unlocked User Playlist Annotation (New Feature)

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Discover the world of music, and listen to your favorite songs, artists, and podcasts with unlimited song skips and ad-free audio content in a go. Whether you are a song lover or podcast devotee, you can enjoy the joy of life from an extensive world of music collection. It does not matter, whether you are in the driving seat or sitting in a room taking a rest, you can always explore, and immerse your music experience, by diving deep into an endless wave of entertainment.

App Overview

Spotify Premium is a music and podcast collection lab, where one can enjoy the highest-quality music streaming, storytelling, and an impressive collection of audio content at their fingertips. At Spotify, there is always something for everyone to captivate their senses and nerves. It offers millions of ads-free tracks, stories, and audio content around the globe. One can enjoy their favorite playlist and an array of exciting premium features that make it a top choice among music lovers.

Core Features

As per my opinion, an app or a game is measured in terms of its features. The feature is the ultimate test of their life in the digital world. Likely, Spotify’s latest version offers many compelling features to its users. Let’s explore and go deep down to see what’s inside.

Connecting with Social Media Platforms

One of the unique features is its integration with all social media platforms, which enables us to follow our favorite artists and podcasts, ensuring to never miss the latest updates. Through this, one can share the latest trends and favorite playlists with friends and other people around the globe.

Spotify Ad-Free Music Collection

The second noteworthy feature perhaps is the availability of a huge collection of songs and ads-free audio content. This is in pure harmony with human nature, which enables them to navigate through their favorite playlists, the latest trends, and updates from the music industry and podcast world.

Offline Listening

Apart from online listening, Spotify’s offline version also supports offline listening. You can download your favorite songs and podcasts to your device, and enjoy them in your free time, even without an internet connection. This feature is useful for those who live in remote hilly areas, where internet services are slow, and mobile data is limited. 

Personal Playlist

Among the many notable features of the app, perhaps the most compelling is to enjoy a personal playlist. It enables us to create a personal list of songs, based on our recent activities in the app and allows us to expand our social connections, by sharing playlists on social networks, thus granting access to other people, and taking access to their favorite collections. The feature serves to bring people, close to each other, based on their mutual interests and tastes.

Cross-Device Experience

Spotify Premium features are undeniable to enjoy music and podcasts on a larger display like a PC, TV, or MAC. Its seamless integration across other platforms like phones, tablets, speakers, and Chromecast makes it more useful and convenient for Android users. So, enjoy your favorite playlist on all devices whichever you wish.

Despite all other notable features, I would also wish to add high-quality audio content to the list. This means you can enjoy millions of songs and podcasts in the app with the best possible quality at no cost.

Access to the Premium Features in Spotify Mod APK

Sometimes, your favorite app doesn’t meet your expectations and leaves you unable to enjoy it. This might be due to its free version and limited access, where one cannot enjoy music without any interruption, or you might belong to a specific region where the app services are not available. If that is the case, then one of the most possible solutions is to find an APK file from a trustworthy source to unlock the premium features and explore them.

Likewise, other apps, Spotify also has a free version Spotify Mod APK, to enjoy music with limited access and range. But, if you are annoyed with limitations and want to enjoy music with its premium features like ads-free audio and video content, and high-quality volume, then you are at the right place. The solution is very simple and fast. You just need to download the APK file from our site and install it on your favorite device.

For installation, please see the process at the end.

Here below is a compiled list of comparisons between the Spotify free and premium versions for your information.

In the free version you will have access to;

  • No limitation on listening
  • Provides a limited and basic set of features
  • Audio and visual ads
  • No downloading option for offline listening
  • The quality of the soundtrack is 128kbps

In the Premium version, you can enjoy the following features:

  • No audio and visual ads
  • Downloading option for offline listening
  • Can listen to songs and podcasts in high quality, i.e., 320kbps
  • Option to seek, rewind, and forward soundtracks
  • You can shuffle songs an unlimited number of times
  • Get unlimited skips per hour
  • Unlocked repeat option
  • Choosing a song of your choice from any playlist

With Spotify APK, you can enhance your listening experience, taking advantage of free skips per hour and ad-free music enjoyment. Furthermore, the app Connect is unlocked, which gives you more control over the music like forward and backward buttons, unlimited shuffle, picking any song, and repeat options.

In addition, the Spotify unlocked version has other altered features like better audio quality and higher volume experience. In short, there is a long list of features that can be explored from the top, tailored just for you.

All those amazing premium features which are listed above are free to use by installing Spotify Premium APK. The maximum requirement is to have a smooth internet connection and a device on which the app can be installed. After that, you can register yourself and enjoy the music at no cost.

Note:Some server-side features can’t be modified and need a paid Spotify subscription.

Update and Future Potential

The developer Spotify AB is continually updating their app by adding more encouraging features to enhance the user experience. They are working on new types of audio and video visuals to attract and stick with more people.

Comparison with other Apps

FeatureSpotifyApple MusicAmazon Music
Free TierYes(Ad supported, limited Skips)Yes(Ad supported, limited Skips)Yes(Ad supported, limited Skips)
Premium Tier Price (Individual)$9.99/month$10.99/month$8.99/month
Premium Tier Price (Family)$15.99/month (Up to 6 users)$14.99/month (Up to 6 users)$13.99/month (Up to 6 users)
Student DiscountYes(Limited Time Offer, $4.99/month)Yes($5.99/month)Yes(Prime Student: $7.99/month)
Music Library Size (Estimate)Over 100 million songsOver 100 million songsOver 100 million songs
Lossless Audio StreamingYes(Premium & HiFi Plans)YesNo(HD quality available for selective subscribers)
Spatial AudioYes(Premium & HiFi Plans)YesNo
Podcast SelectionYes(Large & growing library)Yes(Large & growing library)Yes(Large & growing library)
Original Content (Music/Podcasts)LimitedGrowing library of Apple Music OriginalLimited
Social FeaturesCollaborative playlists, sharing optionsLimited social featuresLimited social features
Free Trial1 month1 month3 month
AvailabilityMost devices and platformsMost devices and platformsMost devices and platforms
Offline ListeningYes (Premium Only)Yes (Premium Only)Yes (Premium Only)
High Fidelity Audio Price (if separate)$19.99/month(Standalone HiFi Plan)N/A(Included in Individual plan)N/A(Included in Individual plan)

Pros & Cons

Additional Notes:

  • This table provides a general overview of the pros and cons. The weight of each factor may vary depending on your priorities.

Download Safety

Most of the time, when you are in search of Spotify Premium Mod APK to download, the hardest part is to find the actual Spotify APK version, where the entire app features are packed into a file that can easily be unpacked and installed. Luckily, provides the cracked APK file, and ensures safety and authenticity checks through regular updates and enhancements, to provide the best possible file without compromising the user experience and device.

Final Thoughts

If someone asks me to compare Pandora, which is a familiar music library for music streaming, with Spotify Premium APK, then I would certainly wish to ask him/her that your music directory will remain incomplete until you install the modded version of Spotify and immerse yourself in an extensive world of tracks without any interruption, and exciting premium features.

Ready to enjoy? Yeah! Download the app, install it on your favorite device, and start swimming like a fish in the ocean of music and audio content.



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How to install Spotify Premium APK?

  1. Download the ".apk" file from ApkBeats.
  2. Launch the downloaded ".apk" file.
  3. Opt for "Install" in the prompt that pops up.
  4. If asked to enable an unknown source, press agree.

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